Fit-for-purpose solutions for
satisfaction and safety.

What we do

Pro-Torque is in the problem-solving business.

Whatever your timeframe and budget, we’ll deliver a solution that eliminates downtime, satisfies the budget and is geared for long-term success.

Who we are

Our experienced team doesn’t indulge in gold-plated solutions. We work hard to understand your essential needs, getting in the trenches with you to tease out the complexities of your business. From here we can execute a project that’s fit-for-purpose and actually works.

We’ve curated a team with over four decades of combined experience in related industries ranging from offshore platforms, refineries, terminals, retail engineering, commercial fuel builds, building and construction management to transport, metal fabrication and civil construction. After working with us you’ll feel reassured and confident that the right people are on your side.


Our Mission.

To simplify project and engineering processes, giving clients fit-for-purpose solutions”.

We understand the nature of the industry constantly places you in high pressure and high-risk situations. When things go wrong, we need to act fast. When things go right, we need to make sure it stays that way. 

For over a decade Pro-Torque have eased our client’s burdens and employed our technical knowledge and timely resourcing to turn a project around with our top-notch preventative and reactive maintenance services.

Our range of advice, planning, scheduling and project management services guarantee a tailored experience that consistently meets your project’s specifications and construction standards. We won’t tell you what you want to hear, we’ll give it to you straight. Because it’s our mission to protect your long-term return on investment and to give you peace of mind.

Core Values


Time is money, and in our industry acting fast saves lives.
You can rely on us to be agile and get what you need when you need it.

Quality + Safety

What we do, we do well.
We don’t cut corners and our attention to detail is second-to-none. We tailor our approach to align with your project’s detailed design specifications and construction standards.


Our fit-for-purpose approach alongside our flexible resourcing promises fast and easy project implementation that in turn is easy on the budget.


We’re not going to give you a half-baked, overpriced solution accompanied by an unenthused team. We take pride in our professionalism and ensure our clients get the best possible experience and outcomes.

Respected Team

Consider us an extension of your team.
You can trust our professional and approachable team to be there every step of the way as we achieve high-quality results, together. And we’re not opposed to having a laugh along the way.

Our Services

Pro-Torque delivers its custom services remotely or on-site across Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you need us, we’ll be there. Our unique approach focuses on executing fit-for-purpose solutions to address all project and engineering bottlenecks. 

Forget those gold-plated solutions that offer the world and don’t deliver. At Pro-Torque you’ll get a team that’s dedicated to fixing the problem, without the unnecessary bells and whistles that overstretch the budgets and timeframes. We simplify your project’s complexities, defining an outcome to meet your genuine needs and that actually works.

We can work with you to provide:

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What our clients are saying.

Australian Terminals Operations Management

They make things happen, get things done in an extremely safe and timely manner.

Daniel O’Mara

Burnie terminal Manager